What planet do Colorado Democrats live on where they think President’s Obama’s new carbon dioxide regulations are good for Colorado?  This regulation, everyone agrees, is aimed at killing off coal and coal plants.  Here’s some basic facts about coal in Colorado: 63% of the energy consumed in Colorado comes from coal; Colorado is a top ten coal producing state; Colorado is still in the top ten for states when it comes to pounds of CO2 per megawatt-hour.

carbon intensity
Senator Mark Udall’s and the Colorado’s Left complete embrace of these regulation makes no sense when you realize PeakNation™, those emission targets set by former Gov. Bill Ritter that they claim put us ahead of the curve, are only expected to be met because of switching coal plants to natural gas.  Yes, that very same natural gas we get from fracking that Colorado Democrats are looking to ban.

In a further odd twist of fate, we actually get to see the results of what happens when a single coal power plant goes offline.  Last month, the Drake power plant in Colorado Springs was knocked out by a fire.  Now, Colorado Springs citizens can expect a 7.4% rate increase in their utilities, while businesses and industry can expect 10.4% increases and 11.2% increases, respectively.  If that is the rate increase for just one coal power plant going offline, how much can the average Coloradan expect when they are all taken offline?

This all adds up to us still not understanding how a top ten coal producing, using, and emitting state benefit from these harsh regulations aimed at killing off the coal industry.  Then again, Udall long ago decided he wasn’t putting Colorado first on this issue.  Last summer, when Udall still thought he was assured a second term he had no problem meeting with President Obama to strategize and take point on this issue. (The Hill via AFP-CO)

About a dozen Senate Democrats huddled with White House climate and energy adviser Heather Zichal in the Capitol on Tuesday to discuss President Obama’s climate agenda.

…The briefing was also aimed at getting the administration and lawmakers on the same page in advance of expected attacks from opponents.

…Those who attended Tuesday’s briefing included… Mark Udall (D-Colo.)

… “What the president’s laid out is a regulatory approach, just making it very clear that there will be a new source performance standards

Where exactly the silver-lining that Udall and his fellow Lefties see on this issue comes in, we don’t know.  Here at The Peak, we’re guessing Udall has talked himself in so many circles when it comes to trying to please the far Left here in Colorado and his San Francisco BFF, without alienating the middle, he doesn’t realize the vision he’s crafted for Colorado’s energy future consists of us rubbing two sticks together.  Then again, if we could just harness Udall’s blowhard rhetoric on this issue, we’d be set for at least a millennium.