“WTF Colorado? I drink beer. How much cooler can I get?”

Yesterday, Colorado Dems and Lefties were all over themselves pushing the Marist poll.  We’re guessing they won’t be doing the same for the just released Quinnipiac poll.  Showing that the Rasmussen poll released last week was no fluke, the Quinnipiac poll today showed former Rep. Bob Beauprez with a one-point lead over Gov. John Hickenlooper, 44%-43%.  Yet, what should really terrify Hickenlooper is the fact he’s losing by one despite having pretty decent secondary numbers.  This means, should Hickenlooper encounter even the slightest of hiccups between now and election day, his poll numbers are tanking.

We imagine as soon as Hickenlooper’s handlers, chief of staff Roxane White and chief strategy officer Alan Salazar, saw this poll they canceled their vacations to rush back to the Governor’s mansion to tell Hick to put his beer down.  No margin of error for an error-prone Governor sucks.

Hickenlooper, himself, has got to be scratching his head.  We mean, he’s gotten exactly what he always wanted: the people of Colorado really do like him.  Unfortunately for Hick, liking someone isn’t always enough to want to reelect them.  54% of Coloradans find Hick trustworthy.  56% of Coloradans think Hickenlooper is a strong leader.  And, yet, still, these same people don’t think Hickenlooper should be reelected by a 48% to 42% margin.  If Hick’s reelect numbers are that bad when people think he’s a decent leader, imagine how bad they will be as Hickenlooper continues to reveal what a failed leader he is (Hick’s failed attempt at a special session only cost Colorado one of its most-respected centrist organizations, then again, Hick is good at throwing people under the bus).

Quinnipiac also shows 58% of Coloradans think our economy is good, but we don’t want to settle for good, when we know we got the resources and creativity to have a great economy.  Only 6% of Coloradans feel like we have a great economy right now.  This is a clear indication Coloradans don’t want to settle for merely showing up.  Rather, we want to be the state leading the country in growth.  Under Hickenlooper, not only have we not gotten there, we’ve fallen behind our neighbors around us.

People like Hick.  People think our economy is doing fine.  And, yet, people still would rather have Beauprez as Governor.  Imagine the bloodbath this is going to turn into for Hick once Coloradans start taking a closer look at the many ways Hickenlooper has failed to lead Colorado.