Won’t you be my neighbor?

Time for a new campaign manager for Andrew Romanoff (D- Winnebago)?  For a man many were touting as the silver bullet to the industrious Rep. Mike Coffman, Romanoff really hasn’t gained any traction.  Then again, when you have to learn a whole new part of a city that you’ve never been to (but, are just using as a way to further your political ambitions), it might make it hard to have solid footing to attack from.  Yet, Romanoff’s latest wild swing is just downright embarrassing.  Yesterday morning, Romanoff attacked Coffman for voting against what Romanoff’s campaign alleged were protections against sexual assaults in the military; in reality, it was just a procedural vote.  Much to Romanoff’s chagrin and embarrassment, at the same time his campaign dropped this wild accusation, Coffman was completing a deal to make such protections a reality.  Who’s trying to make political hay out of a very serious issue now, Mr. Romanoff?

As Jon Murray at The Denver Post reports:

The Romanoff campaign’s news release assailing Coffman for the Friday vote came out Monday morning, just as the VA deal was being announced. “Congressman Coffman recently spent thousands of taxpayer dollars to send glossy brochures about sexual assault in the military, but given the opportunity to back up his words with actions, he failed,” Romanoff campaign spokeswoman Denise Baron charged in the release.

Coffman campaign manager Tyler Sandberg called the accusation “sleazy Washington politics at its worst.” Coffman voted against what he saw as a partisan motion Friday, he said, while working to ensure the sexual assault provisions survived through the conference committee. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Bad timing much?  If you’re Baron at Romanoff’s campaign, having to be the face of such a sleazy attack surely makes you want to turn to either Romanoff or your campaign manager and ask them point blank, “What is this, amateur hour here?  Get your sh*% together.”

But, here’s the dirty little secret of Colorado Democrats this election cycle: they are the only ones trying to score political points off of women.  Insultingly, they think women only care about abortion and birth control.  They think women don’t care about how President Obama has tanked our economy with his inexperience and failed policies.  They think women don’t care about how Romanoff believes more layers of bureaucrats needed to be added to our health care industry to make it even more inefficient.  They think women don’t care how Sen. Mark Udall has utterly failed to represent the true, independent spirit and voice of Colorado when he is in Washington D.C. rubber stamping Obama’s failed agenda.

Seriously, how stupid do Colorado Democrats think Colorado women are?