Hey EPA, stop crapping on taxpayers

A new Energy and Environment (sorry about the paywall) report outlines additional details of inappropriate employee behavior at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 8 Denver office.  In June, we reported on an emailed memo going around the EPA’s Region 8 offices asking employees to not defecate in the hallways.  We couldn’t then believe that this was even something that anyone, much less so-called professionals, would need to be told.

This new report outlines (graphically, really sorry) just how bad things got over there, and describes at least nine suspected bathroom incidents:

“‘A male supervisor…told her that management knows that it is a female on the [redacted] floor who has been wiping feces and menstrual blood on the walls…and that they are worried that her behavior is escalating,’ the official said in an email.

Misbehavior wasn’t just limited to the restrooms

I had one employee report that her house keys were stolen off her desk on Jan. 31st and she had to have her locks changed – she also said that this place is getting strange so I am going to apply for the buy out,” said another official….

There were reported problems in both sexes’ restrooms but on Jan. 13, the ninth floor men’s restroom had ‘a trail of poop leading out in hallway,’ according to the incident report.”

According to the report, the Poopetrator (@SooperMexican) appears to not have been caught.  Apparently, the aggressively foul actions stopped soon after the memo went out and the EPA beefed up security.  Nonetheless, what on earth is missing in terms of leadership from the EPA when, as of late, there have been three high-profile events of employee misconduct.  First, it was EPA employee who watched porn all day, then, it was the EPA employee who laughably claimed to be a CIA agent, and then, this.

Maybe the EPA should worry about its own internal environment before asking the rest of us to make major lifestyle shifts and expenditures to clean up ours.