"It was the summer of '74" -John Hickenlooper

“It was the summer of ’74” -John Hickenlooper

After reading yet another long-profile on Gov. John Hickenlooper the major theme to emerge for Hick is this: the road to hell is paved with the good intentions.  When Hick declared back in August that he wanted to make Colorado the new California, he thought that was a good thing.  As the profile by Yahoo News quotes Hickenlooper:

“When I graduated from college, the kids who wanted to make a lot of money, they went to New York,” [Hickenlooper] says. “The kids who had more creative ambitions — they wanted to do something big, but they weren’t sure what it was; they wanted to find themselves but also do something meaningful — they almost all went to California.”

See, what Hick doesn’t quite seem to understand is that he graduated from college in 1974.  All those creative kids excited to move out to California, they were moving to a state that had Ronald Reagan governing it since 1967.  Hick is stuck dreaming of becoming a California that no longer exists, a California choked off, killed, and withered away from forty years of the very same nanny-state tactics Hickenlooper is pushing here.  A state killed with good intentions.

That’s always been one of Hick’s biggest problems, not realizing the devil is in the details; leaving him thinking our path to ’74 California is by enacting the very same innovative-killing policies that have given us 2014 California.  It’s these pesky details Hick ignores that have resulted in him becoming the most liberal Governor in Colorado history.  Far from Reagan of ’74.