JeffCo Student ProtestsColorado Lefties were slobbering all over themselves about the many student walk-outs held over the past couple of weeks.  They couldn’t get enough of the students stretched out on sidewalks waving signs at those driving by.  Here, they thought, is a new generation that understands our highest ideals and can be the ones that can lead us into a thousand-year liberal majority, where peace and prosperity are spread to every corner of our country.  What we saw is a bunch of kids who thought it was more fun to hang out, talking with their friends on a sidewalk than sit in a class and, you know, actually have to do, like, work.

This past Saturday, when the sake of the “cause” wasn’t a teacher-condoned excuse to skip class, but a chance to make your voice heard on the weekend, all those weekday warrior students decided to sleep in… or, play video games, or take selfies, or not smoke pot because that would make Hick sad, or pretty much anything else besides come out to a park and protest.  Now, we know the aging hippies that make up the Colorado Left would have to go back quite a few decades to remember their school days (not to mention, how illicit drug usage can impair one’s memory), so we won’t hold it against them for not seeing these student walks-outs for what they really were, but, spoiler alert, teens will use almost any excuse to skip class.  Shocking, we know.

As The Denver Post wrote it up:

A small crowd of students and adults waved posters and gave speeches at a rally opposing the Jefferson County school board Saturday at Clement Park.

… about 100 people, most of them adults, cheered and held up posters

… While they were hoping to have about 500 students and adults in attendance at the rally Saturday, there were only about two students per high school at the rally. [the Peak‘s emphasis]

With there being 17 high schools, The DP estimate of 34 students is close to the estimated 30 that one of our readers who attended in person tipped us about.

With Jefferson County School District having over 29,000 high school students alone, those 34 students represent about .001% of JeffCo’s high school students.  To put that number in perspective, that’s roughly .001% more than the percent of Coloradans who think Sen. Mark Udall hasn’t talked way too much about uteri this election cycle.

Needless to say, this whole episode has been pretty much met with a collective yawn here at the Peak.  We’ll start thinking this isn’t a union-driven boondoggle when students are willing to give up their free time, and not just class time, to protest it.