FrackingThe folks over at Revealing Politics released a new video today that illustrates quite clearly how far out of the mainstream fractivists actually are.  In the video a man speaking at a fractivists protest says that aren’t really any “pros” to fracking besides, you know, jobs.  If that wasn’t already bad enough for him and his fellow eco-extremist, the man fails messaging 101 when he goes off on a side tangent (to illustrate how well read he is on the subject?) and cites Forbes as listing Greeley as one of the top 40 city economies in the country nowadays.  At which point, if this man was speaking for an issues campaign, this is the point where that whole campaign staff would all light themselves on fire.

Yes, that Greeley.  The Greeley every good little Colorado boy and girl grew up making fun of because they were best known for a particular stench that always seemed to be around it.  Greeley’s reputation was so notorious, Ft. Collins would sometimes get made fun of because of the close proximity, like the older sibling of the smelly kid in school; guilty by association.  To extend our metaphor even further, our fractivist friend seems to be bemoaning that Greeley has now matured into an intelligent, successful, hard-working adult.

The fractivist seems to miss the point that here in Colorado we applaud people who take it upon themselves to make their lives better.  Maybe the fractivist is just really afraid that he’ll be forced to take up the mantle now of being the smelly kid.

Fractivist:  I started asking myself, what’s going on here?  And, I started really looking at the pros and cons, and after about three to four months I didn’t see a lot of pros, other than the fact it’s creating “temporary” [good-paying] jobs, and an infusion into Greeley you wouldn’t believe.  Actually, yesterday, I saw in Forbes magazine, #40 for best places to start a business was Greeley, but you don’t want to be living there.”

Sorry smelly fractivist, those of us who do live in the real world, actually find places that have a thriving economy as a very attractive place to live.

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