Nothing is sadder than when someone’s gotcha moment fizzles into absolutely bupkis, which is likely a feeling liberal blogger Jason Salzman knows all too well.

He is famous for extrapolating the most outrageous conclusions from the most straight forward of interviews.   In his most recent blog post, Salzman tries to accuse Colorado’s Treasurer Walker Stapleton of being open to not returning refunds triggered under the Taxpayers Bill of Rights. Walker Stapleton

The accusation had us doing a double take since Stapleton has built his reputation on being a defender of taxpayer dollars, transparency, and good governance. He was also a leading voice in the opposition against Amendment 66, a billion dollar tax increase. So to even be open to keeping TABOR refunds would be hugely out of character for a fiscal hawk like Stapleton.

As it turns out, however, Salzman’s blog was much ado about nothing. Again. And for the gazillionth time.

Stapleton’s spokesman, Micheal Fortney, had this to say:

Walker never said he was for tax increases or Coloradans not getting their refund, only that he was for Coloradans’ right to vote on any proposal that raised taxes. Big difference. Walker was for a full statewide hearing on Amendment 66, the largest proposed tax increase in CO history to date. And Walker weighed in when he led the fight to defeat that wasteful spending initiative. He believed the people’s voice should be heard back then and still does.

The people’s voice was heard loud clear when Amendment 66 was defeated 2-1, and voters are apt to send the same message if Democrats try to take their TABOR refund away.