Not Lisa Pinto Twitter

An example of the libelous accusations made by spoof accounts

Before a Jeffco Schools board meeting last night, the Independence Institute published a website called MeanGirlz to highlight the abusive tweets from spoof accounts directed at not only the reform-minded board members, but also the staff at Jeffco.  And, who is at the epicenter of this sh!tstorm of abuse?  None other than the head of the Colorado Education Association, Kerrie Dallman and the PTA.

According to Sherrie Peif at Complete Colorado:

“And it appears the…accounts are being operated with the blessing of the Colorado teachers union top official and the two top officials for the Jefferson County Parent Teacher Association – despite those organizations touting their goals as student-based and continually denouncing bullying through the #standup4kids Twitter hash tag.”

The abusive tweets range from jabs at board members for misspeaking, to libelous and baseless accusations that Jeffco’s head of communications, Lisa Pinto, is having an affair with board members to racist tweets about guacamole and burrito eating by Pinto, who is Hispanic.

Hilariously, when Peif asked Michele Patterson, the head of the PTA and fellow ringleader in this abuse, if she condoned the accounts or thought the bullying was appropriate this was her response: “I’m not qualified to get into a discussion about the relative merits of social media.”

Yet, she has nearly 3,500 tweets under her belt and, as a parent, she should be able to differentiate right from wrong.  But, maybe wide-eyed claims of innocence is the company line here.

Despite tweeting over 1,000 times (her profile says 996, but she deletes often) total, including approximately 35 tweets last night alone, and being one of the first followers of these racist and sexist spoof accounts, Dallman told Complete Colorado that she, too, was just a Twitter novice.

Nonetheless, it was clear that Dallman spent the board meeting on defense about the shameful bullying of women that’s happening under her watch.  The National Education Association should strip her of her job for allowing and participating in this bullying.

Of course, maybe that’s why Dallman was spotted earlier in the day at a rally outside of a McDonalds.  Between alienating teachers with her statement that “all teachers do the same job” and her continuous bullying of women, maybe she’s looking for a new union to represent.