Sad_Lightbulb-uw7rrh-dGov. Hickenlooper has totally caved to the EPA’s bluff that states had to self-impose extreme CO2 emission cuts at power plants, surrendering Coloradans to higher costs of nearly $700 a year per family.

Hickenlooper waved the white flag in a letter Friday that was obtained by the Denver Business Journal, stating that, “We think it would be irresponsible to ignore federal law, and that is why we intend to develop a compliant Clean Power Plan.”

Here’s what is irresponsible, pretending that the EPA has the power to force states into submission with their expensive and unrealistic plan, when they don’t have the legal authority under the Clean Air Act to do so.

At least 20 states have elected to push back against the EPA signaling they will refuse to play along. Colorado GOP state lawmakers tried to join them, passing a Senate bill that effectively rebelled against the EPA, but the House version was killed by Democrats.

The EPA rules would eliminate CO2 emissions by 30 percent over the next 15 year, impacting coal-fired power plants that deliver more than 60 percent of Colorado’s electricity. While the magical mystery cure envisioned by the EPA is … nadda. The EPA didn’t bother measuring the benefits in terms of climate change.

 … EPA’s own models show the rule does almost nothing to address climate change: it limits global warming by just 0.02 degrees and lowers sea level rise by just 0.01 inch.

We’re disappointed that Hickenlooper is playing along with the Obama administration, ceding state power to federal bureaucrats who have no business in state-regulated businesses. And, for forcing Coloradans to pick up an enormous tab for dubious results.