Jefferson County is fortunate to have so many watchdogs ensuring that every government hire is precisely qualified. At least, that’s the takeaway from the insane amount of flak thrown at a member of Jeffco school district’s staff, Lisa Pinto. This is the most vitriolic campaign waged against a staff member in Colorado history.

Since she was hired by Jeffco Schools in December 2014, ColoradoPols has written no fewer than five articles attacking her personally and professionally.  To put this in perspective, the Peak has written just six articles about one of the Governor’s top strategists, Max Potter, who has been with the Governor’s office since July 2013.  And, he was even arrested once during that time period, and he wrote a book. A quick (ok, very quick) search of the blog reveals that never has a staffer been targeted in this fashion.

In the most recent attack, a Jeffco employee who was part of the interview process revealed that she did not like Pinto and could not find a record of her online. Emails from Jeffco show that the author of these emails was a woman named Melissa Reeves, who worked in the communications office.  Isn’t it odd that she was not offered the chief communications officer position once the position was available.  If the picture below looks familiar, it should. It’s an un-redacted version of an email that Pols posted as part of a disgusting hit piece on Pinto.

Reeves iiA quick Google search found Reeves working at the Colorado Education Initiative as a Manager of Media and Outreach, Strategic Engagement and Communications. It looks like Reeves jumped ship from the school district to work directly under Jeffco school district board member, Lesley Dahlkemper, who is the Vice President, Strategic Engagement and Communications. Is Dahlkemper behind these attacks? That would be incredibly unbecoming of an elected official.

CEI Reeves.Dahlkemper

Maybe Jeffco taxpayers should ask themselves why a board member aligned with the union is waging the most vitriolic campaign against a staff member in the Colorado’s history.  Incompetence doesn’t ruffle feathers like this (taxpayers wish). Pinto must be doing something right to have them so hot and bothered.