bill clintonWhat was surely awesome about the surprise visit Monday of Bill Clinton and legendary rock star Bono at a Denver restaurant — it eclipsed the scandals that have embroiled the former president’s wife and foundation.

The Clinton Global Initiative, a central program of the Clinton Foundation, is in town this week to campaign for Hillary save the planet by giving speeches and schmoozing with other like-minded Earth-savers.

Hillary won’t be here, but her spirit will live on through the millions of dollars in campaign donation commitments Bill will likely secure through his cash cow foundation.

We expect these donations to be just as shady as the ones raised by the troubled foundation from foreign governments.

By the way, Bono is not part of the foundation’s gig this week, his band U2 was in concert Saturday night at the Pepsi Center.

CNN is also not a formal part of the events, despite the foundation promoting anchor Jake Tapper as a speaker. Tapper was merely scheduled to interview Clinton and moderate a panel, but has since withdrawn from the entire affair.

Taking CNN’s place with absolutely no qualms whatsoever with being a “broadcast partner” of the foundation, are those whacky kids from Bloomberg TV.

Bloomberg’s motto for the event: We Found Know Colorado!