Damn Kids!Because Colorado’s health care system doesn’t suck enough, that crazy ballot initiative with the $25 billion price tag we warned you about in April has landed like a flaming bag of poop on our doorstep.

A spokeswoman for the oxymoronically named ColoradoCare has been bragging about the measure to the Denver Post, but would not divulge how close it has come to gathering the required 98,000 signatures by Oct. 23.

Here’s how the single payer scam would work: scrap Connect for Health Colorado and the hundreds of millions of tax dollars already spent, and do away with private insurance carriers.

Then, tax everything that moves or breathes to raise $25 billion a year and create a whole new government gulag to “administer the payment system and control the per-capita cost of health care by contracting with medical providers.”

And by controlling costs, that means controlling what health care we are allowed to receive. And how will that be controlled? Probably by bringing former Gov. Dick “Old People Have a Duty to Die” Lamm out of retirement to run the system.