Here’s a story to get your blood pumping.  If you hated bridges to nowhere, you’ll really hate walks to nowhere.  Apparently, the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, recently spent $12,000 on treadmill work stations, raising the ire of Republican Colorado State House Rep. JoAnn Windholz…and, likely, Coloradans everywhere.

From Windholz’s comments to the Denver PostTrekDesk:

“…I wonder if you asked the taxpayers, if they would approve.  If employees are concerned about their health, they can go to a club or a community center.”

The department justified its actions by saying that the department was under budget on a grant for efficiencies (clearly not financial):

“Williams said the five work stations will be in a communal setting and shared by 500 employees, rather than assigned to individual workers. The equipment will be paid for out of a grant the department received for coming up with efficiencies. With the $12,000 or so left in the account, the workers wanted to buy the work stations, he said.”

Has anyone ever worked in a place with treadmill workstations?  Likely not. If the department was under budget, it should have returned the money to taxpayers instead of buying extravagant work stations. Windholz is justifiably irritated.