Jeffco Public SchoolsDespite the rancor and vitriol in Thompson and Jeffco School Districts, it would appear that the respective boards might just be doing right by kids. At least, that’s the Denver Post Editorial Board’s take.  An editorial appearing in this morning’s paper praises two boards for funding charter schools at the same level as other public schools in the districts.

Here’s what the Post found praiseworthy:

“Not only do [charter schools] usually have to locate and acquire their facilities, but they frequently do not share equally in voter-approved mill levy overrides, aka tax hikes. And this can amount to a funding disadvantage of hundreds of dollars per student compared to other district schools.

This month, to their credit, two more school districts — Jefferson County and Thompson in Loveland — moved to equalize the funding, at least in terms of the mill levy….

…It’s easy to forget amid the fog of rhetoric from those opposing equal funding that charters are public schools, too. After nearly a quarter century of experience, their equal treatment should not be controversial.”

Interestingly enough, the Denver Post also spanked dissenting voices saying:

“But opponents always come up with reasons why it’s not yet a good time to equalize funding. In fact, the reality is that it will probably never be a good time in their view.”

Is it time to say that enough is enough? When will charter school naysayers finally admit that they’re on the wrong side of history?