On Friday, a group called Jeffco United for Action began proceedings to recall Jeffco school district’s reform board members who have provided teachers raises, poor kids free kindergarten and other great benefits to the Jeffco community.  At the same time, Jeffco United supporters insisted that this group was a parent effort, not associated with the union.

Too bad it is, in fact, the union that is behind this recall effort.  Don’t believe us?  Would you believe another of the union subgroups – Support Jeffco Kids?  That’s right. One of the union’s own astroturf groups just outed the union’s key role in the recall effort.

See this press release below. Just in case Support Jeffco Kids takes its press release down, here’s a screen shot of the recall press release with Lynea Hansen’s name as the point of contact.  In case you are not familiar with Lynea Hansen, she is a spokesperson for the Jefferson County Education Association and works for Strategies 360, which is the same firm that also is “helping” the union down in Douglas County. Small world.

Jeffco United for Action

If this group is all too willing to lie about this, what else are they willing to lie about?  And, further, can the JCEA, which is in the middle of contract negotiations, really be negotiating in good faith if it’s simultaneously mounting a recall effort against the Board of Education?