Executive pay has been one of the left’s favorite things to go after. And why shouldn’t they? It’s easy to gin up outrage over someone on Wall Street making $100 million a year while middle class families struggle to pay for their kid’s college. You would be hard to pressed to find someone that, at the guttural level, doesn’t get that twinge of anger over just how unfair it all is.   Money II

The AFL-CIO even maintains a website that tracks the gap between CEO pay and the average worker by state and industry.   As The Denver Post reported: “For Colorado, its survey shows average CEO pay of $5.24 million, which is 111 times the average worker pay in the state of $47,167.”

CEOs making a sh*t ton of money is never going to feel fair. It’s also not fair that Tom Brady and Gisele get to be that good looking. But here’s the thing… fairness is not the point. We don’t want to live in a world where government is the arbiter of how much people can, should or deserve to make.

Giving attention to this disparity – whether it’s the unions or the mainstream media – ensures that outrage against the 1 percent will remain high and voters will remain focused on all the wrong issues.

We all want to see a stronger middle-class, but that isn’t achieved by tearing down the rich. There isn’t a finite amount of wealth in the world waiting to be redistributed. We shouldn’t care about what the top earners make because, despite what the left would have people believe, it doesn’t actually matter.