U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, also known as the worst-dressed congressman in the history of the United States, finally got a wardrobe “makeover.”

Color us, unimpressed.

The Washington Post described one denim-shade-of-blue suit modeled by Polis as “well-cut.”

For rising waters along Boulder Creek, perhaps. For a grown man strutting the halls of Congress, not so much.

When we looked at the photo, it screamed static cling, frump, and brown shoes.

Instead of the tacky clip-on ties over polo shirts that Polis usually wears on the floor of the House Representatives, it appears the 40-year-old Democrat actually learned how to tie a bow tie.

Polis ditches clip-on tie!

Polis ditches clip-on tie!

The Boulder Daily Camera sent a photographer to capture Polis’s grand moment of haute couture that featured him looking extra dorky sporting polarized shades.  

Another shot of Polis wearing a black-checkered shirt and black pants screamed winter wear in the summertime.

Bless his heart for finally reaching out for fashion advice and guidance, but just like his politics, it was ill advised.