Support Jeffco KidsSupport Jeffco Kids, a group probably run by Strategies 360, which also runs the Jeffco teachers union communications, has a fundraiser coming up (probably to pay Strategies 360’s bills).  And, you will never guess what the prize is.  It’s a lunch with foul-mouthed PTA leaders Shawna Fritzer and Jonna Levine, as well as former Jeffco Superintendent Cindy Stevenson.

See the flyer on the right.

Why on earth is Cindy Stevenson, who announced her departure literally the day after the Jeffco School Board election, still hanging around Jeffco?  It’s like that weird guy who already graduated from college, but still attends frat parties.


Is Stevenson angling for her old job back?  Is that what this recall is really about? Could Stevenson not find another gig that paid her over $205,000 per year (plus the rumored secret slush fund)?  Then again, who could blame another high-paying employer from keeping its distance with her distasteful scorched earth tactics as she left the district?

Nonetheless, with the hate and vitriol spewed by these three women toward anyone who doesn’t swallow their drivel whole, a lunch with all of them is less prize and more punishment.