Endangered Species

Endangered Species

Here’s a bill we can get behind: Strip $50,000 in bonus payments to EPA employees and instead use the money to study whether Agricola Americus should be listed as an endangered species.

For those unfamiliar with this rare and increasingly threatened critter, also known as the American Farmer, they once toiled and worked the land to feed America.

Due to increased encroachment by their main predator, Bureaucrtical Assaninicus, the farmer’s numbers have decreased dramatically and they are at risk of extinction. Along with the rest of us.

This is actual legislation sponsored by U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, an amendment he proposed to the Interior Department spending bill in the House this week.

The amendment is a humorous attempt to draw attention to the burden that the EPA places on the farming industry.

“Environmentalists have put so many burdens on farmers without any thought to food production in this country, and I want to raise awareness about the plight of the farmers,” Buck told the Washington Examiner.

Of course it doesn’t stand a human’s chance in endangered species habitat of survival, but it’s the message that counts: Karma, sometimes she can be glorious.