Sen. Bennet LiesThere’s some nifty political spin coming out of U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s campaign today – the common folk love him because they have poured donations into his reelection effort at less than $100 a pop to the tune of nearly $2 million!

Of course we won’t know what is actually true until about a month from now, when the Federal Election Commission (FEC) makes public this quarter’s financial report. By then, Bennet’s fundraising total will be old news to most Colorado reporters who won’t bother to comb through the massive documents to see where the money is coming from, and where it’s going.

However, we did our homework in the last quarter so we can already read between the lines of today’s report from the Denver Post that Bennet raised $2 million and has $4.3 million cash on hand.

 More than 80 percent of this quarter’s donations were of $100 or less.

“Our grassroots supporters are the best in the country, and Michael’s proud of the outpouring of support he’s received,” said Bennet campaign manager Dan McNally.

That’s actually a terribly weak showing for individual contributions, especially considering that the campaign somehow spent $2 million this quarter – a huge chunk of which typically goes to fundraising efforts.

And, of that $2 million raised, we also don’t know how much of that actually came from out-of-state PACS and out-of-state contributors. As we reported nearly a month after Bennet released his total fundraising for the first quarter in April, the Democrat was severely, grossly, embarrassingly lacking in statewide support.

When McNally says their supporters are “the best in the country,” we’ll take him at his word that donations once again came from around “the country,” not so much from the state he’s supposed to represent.

So stay tuned. When Bennet’s fundraising information is actually made public several weeks from now, we’ll be there again for PeakNation™ to break out the real story.