It looks like the thousands of volunteers that the Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA) were counting on to deliver the 50,000 signatures it needs in (now less than) two weeks to place a recall election on the general election ballot aren’t quite getting the job done.

Word on the street is that Jeffco United for Action, a front group for the JCEA’s recall effort, is looking for paid signature gatherers. Apparently, the offer is $15 per hour for managers (which, by the way, is far less than the teachers, who the JCEA claims are mistreated, make).  The organization has at least 10 paid signature schleppers.

If Jeffco United for Action was legitimately a community-led effort, one would think there would be no need for paid signature gatherers.  The JCEA has over 5,000 teachers apparently champing at the bit to stick it to the Jeffco School Board.  You know, those jerks who gave teachers over $20 million in raises after the previous pro-union board froze salaries for years.

Perhaps those 5,000 teachers are frustrated that these political shenanigans could cost the district over $600,000 if they do not get on the November ballot.  After all, the following post has been “independently” posted by several union members all over the internet:

Blame the union

But, don’t worry, this effort is not a union-backed effort.  Nobody is telling anyone what to say. Not at all.  But, more importantly, union members claim they wouldn’t want the recall effort to move forward if it costs the district money.  Has the knowledge that a recall effort would potentially take money from classrooms dampened rabid recallers’ spirits?