Planned Parenthood PetitionWhile well-known organizations like Coca-Cola, Ford, and Xerox are running as fast as they can from Planned Parenthood following a video that showed the organization potentially selling fetus parts, one Colorado organization is giving Planned Parenthood a big ol’ bear hug. That would be the Jeffco recallers, led by the Jefferson County Education Association.

We know.  It’s pretty messed up.

One organization trades on abortion, and the other is supposed to be heavily invested in ensuring a bright future for kids (that would be JCEA, in case by its recent behavior, it’s not evident).  It’s an interesting juxtaposition to be sure.  To the right is a copy of the flyer Planned Parenthood is distributing. The flyer has several glaring falsehoods.

But, more importantly, what does it say about Jeffco United for Change that as the rest of the country is recoiling in horror from Planned Parenthood, the committee is fully embracing this organization under siege?

It says that this recall effort is nakedly political. It’s not about the individual board members. It’s 100% about taking back control of the largest school district in the state and maintaining power for the teachers union.

Planned Parenthood’s involvement shows that the left is working this through the left’s campaign “system”.

Another thing Planned Parenthood’s involvement shows is that the recall organizers don’t even care about the appearance of unholy alliances.  They’re so arrogant that they think they have this in the bag – that Jeffco voters are not discerning enough to read between the lines of the players in this campaign. In short, they think you’re stuipd, Jeffco.

Finally, the involvement of this organization makes clear that this campaign absolutely has nothing to do with the kids.