scam-alert-1024x788Cue the sad music, pictures of horrifically abused dogs and cats, followed by the pitch for animal lovers to donate their hard-earned money to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and you’ve got the making of a scam that would make the devil himself blush.

That’s because this organization, not to be confused with the real American Humane Society, does not actually run a single pet shelter in these here United States. The HSUS has zero ties to Colorado’s actual humane societies and pet shelters that do good work across the state, such as the Denver Dumb Friends League.

HSUS has been at the center of a national controversy over its charitable scheme for several years but the showdown appears to have just shifted to Colorado and the desk of Wayne Williams, Secretary of State.

Nearly 30 sportsmen groups are asking Williams to investigate HSUS’s charitable solicitation scheme in Colorado. According to a letter obtained by Peak Politics, the HSUS raises money on the blood of abused pets to fund their radical political agenda, which just happens to include banning two of Colorado’s chief industries, hunting and agriculture.

Here is the crux of the complaint, which states that the ads show abused and neglected puppies and kittens in deplorable conditions, inferring that donations will be used to right that wrong.

An analysis of the ads by the Center for Consumer Freedom showed that 85 percent of the animals were dogs and cats, in reality, HSUS gave just one percent of its annual budget to rescue, shelter and care for pets. Therefore, the representation HSUS makes through its charitable solicitations are in conflict with how the money is actually spent.

Essentially, it’s a bait and switch scheme that is illegal under the Colorado Charitable Solicitation Act.

The Center has previously issued reports using HSUS’s tax returns to show how little of your donations go to pet shelters. While HSUS will undoubtedly respond with some technical loophole to try to squirm its way out of this mess, the facts are the facts: HSUS raises money using starving and injured puppies and kittens to fund liberal political activities that have virtually nothing to do with pets. While such deceit may pass muster in Washington D.C., Colorado’s elected officials remain grounded enough to call a spade a spade.

It seems like an investigation is absolutely necessary to ensure that Colorado citizens are not falling victim to such seemingly fraudulent schemes. In the meantime, when you and your family donate to an animal charity—make sure it goes to one that actually cares for pets.