casperThere are two qualities primarily needed in a candidate to defeat Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, and that’s money and charisma, according to Daily Sentinel columnist Rick Wagner.

In a recent column that rivals our own snark, the Grand Junction lawyer says it will be tough to compete with Bennet’s overflowing war chest from interests outside of Colorado, that will allow him to campaign in limousine liberal-style while Republicans are hitching rides aboard Greyhound buses.

But what should be easy to compete with, is what Wagner describes as Bennet’s “Casper the friendly ghost problem:”

He seems nice enough and really wants people to notice him, but they just don’t. He’s reduced to knocking over knickknacks and making noise around the house to let them know he’s there.

I would propose a more radical strategy of attention-getting moves for the senator to push back against his image. First, something unusual, unexpected and energetic. I recommend hitting someone with a folding chair at his next news conference or debate. I’ve seen this on wrestling promotions where it always gets a great response and the crowd really seems to enjoy it.

The column is hilariously on point. We highly recommend it.