If there was any doubt that the union and the Jeffco PTA are encouraging a toxic conversation in Jeffco, look no further than the head of the Jeffco PTA President, Angela Geier, who was elected earlier this spring:

Jeffco Truth Angela Geier

Photo credit: Jeffco Truth

Yes, she is the one giving a double middle finger salute above.

The backstory behind this photo is that Geier was filmed by Pete Boddie, who was at a May 1, 2014 school board meeting at Bear Creek High school. At this meeting, charter school parents asked the board to provide fair and equivalent funding to their students. This was a board meeting at which the union overwhelmed attendance, and when charter parents, spoke the union audience was rude and obnoxious as seen in this video. It’s in this video that Geier flips off the videographer twice.

Despite this grossly inappropriate behavior, Geier was elected PTA president last spring and has been a union ally in the recall effort.  Whether one agrees or disagrees with the actions of a school board, it’s never appropriate for the future head of the school district’s PTA to use such profane gestures in a public setting. But, that’s what you get in Jeffco. Voters will have to decide in November whether they side with the lies spewed by a woman so out of control that she has to resort to inappropriate gestures to convey her displeasure. We suspect most voters, if they knew how grotesque the union and PTA’s actions have been, would be incredibly dismayed.