Michael BennetOf all the high schools in all the world, Hillary Clinton chose to make a campaign appearance in Colorado yesterday at the Manual High School, and no, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet was not with her.

We can’t decide whether her choice of high schools was a slap in Bennet’s face, or just one of many poor political choices that Hillary has made throughout her entire career.

Why would Bennet skip an event at a school with which he had such a great impact?

Then-Superintendent Michael Bennet declared a crisis; The New Yorker magazine called it one of the worst schools in Colorado; and the school board agreed to close Manual while a new plan was developed.

Who can blame Bennet for skipping the event and reliving the backlash he experienced for closing the school?

 In an emotional display of fury and distrust, students, community advocates and a number of prominent African-American ministers beseeched board members at a packed public hearing to keep Manual open.

One called the decision to shutter it for a year racist. Another told board members that what they were doing was abusive to children. A third called the district a “dictatorship.”


Bennet also wasn’t available to hook up with Hillary at other events, but former U.S. Sen. Mark Udall deemed it politically safe to appear with her in Boulder to applaud her pledge of installing 500 million solar panels, somewhere, if she’s elected president.

We suspect Bennet is still holed up with his staff, trying to devise a plausible defense of his party’s stance on Syrian refugees, creating a health care system that is failing in Colorado, or whether he should change his mind on transferring Gitmo terrorists, again.