I hate you, Colorado Peak Politics

I hate you, Colorado Peak Politics

Over the weekend, a man whose name shall not be uttered here went on a shooting spree, most notably shooting those in a Planned Parenthood.  Our hearts go out to those injured, but especially the families of those killed – Officer Garrett Swasey, Jennifer Markovsky, and Ke’Arre Stewart. There is never a good time to lose a loved one, but it seems particularly unfair during the holidays.

But, the victims had not even been identified when Planned Parenthood and its allies in the Democratic Party launched a disgusting political attack using this tragedy as fodder. Police have not yet offered a motive yet. In an article this morning on The Federalist, writer Ben Domenech completely dismantles the arguments that liberals offer in an effort to link pro-lifers to this heinous (and, by the way, decidedly anti-life) crime. From his piece:

“[the shooter] has no history of affiliation with the Republican Party or pro-life groups or politicians. He was not affiliated with any party and reportedly had limited interactions about politics with those who knew him. But he proffered anti-Obama literature to a neighbor, had a history of anti-government comments, and The New York Times connects him with online postings seeking partners for BDSM sex and others on Cannabis.com calling it the “End Times” due to AIDS and hurricanes.

More important for the media’s context for this story, according to anonymous law enforcement sources speaking with The New York Times, Dear “said ‘no more baby parts’ in a rambling interview with the authorities. The official said that Mr. Dear ‘said a lot of things’ during his interview, making it difficult for the authorities to pinpoint a specific motivation.'”

Instead of a crazed pro-lifer, it would appear, at this point, that we just have a mentally ill guy. But, don’t worry, CNN published the rantings of Planned Parenthood leadership, which apparently knows better than the police what motivated this guy:

“Vicki Cowart, president of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, went beyond an inference, saying the shooter ‘was motivated by opposition to safe and legal abortion.’ [Attorney General Loretta] Lynch, who called the ‘unconscionable attack’ a ‘crime against women receiving health care services,’ pledged the full resources of her office for the investigation.”

But, perhaps even worse was the fact that Governor Hickenlooper piled on Planned Parenthood’s pro-life blame game, saying this on CNN‘s “State of the Union”:

“And maybe in some way, it’s a function of the inflammatory rhetoric that we see on all — I mean, so many issues now, there are bloggers, and, you know, talk shows where they really focus on trying to get people to that point of boiling over and just intense anger.”

When will liberals rest the responsibility of the actions of mentally ill people where it belongs – with the person who has committed these unconscionable acts? Blaming right-leaning rhetoric allows those responsible to side-step responsibility for their actions. That’s not fair to the victims and their families, and it’s not fair to those who espouse pro-life values.