Jared PolisLiberal Rep. Jared Polis again left the door open to the possibility of backing anti-fracking ballot initiatives, demonstrating that he really does not want a leadership position back in Washington, D.C. Yesterday, Polis told the Denver Post the following:

“My position has always been that a statewide ban is not the answer and that there are many other policy solutions that deserve consideration since the Oil and Gas Commission failed to recommend any meaningful protections for homeowners or communities.”

In Polis’ world, the only way that the oil and gas task force would have been successful is if it essentially passed the local control effort that Polis 2014 ballot initiatives would have enacted. There was really no compromise option that would have satiated the rabid anti-oil and gas folks.

In 2014, Polis backed radical environmental measures that would have almost shut down the oil and gas industry in Colorado. For months, Polis held Colorado’s economy hostage as he moved forward with these ballot initiatives.  It was thought at the time that his childish temper tantrum caused Democratic leadership to pass him over for a leadership position – something that he’s wanted for years.

His reinvigorated interest in pursuing such unwise initiatives can only mean that he’s given up all hope of getting any kind of leadership spot back in D.C. After all, even Democrats want adults to lead their party, not spoiled children.