Last night, the Wall Street Journal published an piece by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who used his column inches to complain about Colorado and the “cancelled primary”. As a reminder, Colorado has been a caucus state almost since its inception, but we digress. Activists and, we would imagine, the Colorado GOP are confused by his critique because just the day before his opponent Ted Cruz swept the process, Stephen Miller, a member of Trump’s senior leadership team, praised Steve House, chairman of the Colorado GOP in this video below:

From the video:

“Chairman House is a shining symbol of what makes Colorado such an amazing state, so thank you to him.”

Those don’t exactly sound like fighting words.  While the video is from the state convention, Miller said in the video that he also heaped praise on House the night before the convention at, we assume, the Centennial Dinner.

And earlier this month Alan Cobb, a Trump adviser, told MSNBC that the Trump campaign would be lucky to even pick up one delegate. From the report:

“If we get a delegate number higher than zero it will be a success,” Alan Cobb, a Trump adviser focused on delegate strategy, told NBC News. “It’s just not a good state for us.”

If Trump’s senior leadership had nothing but good stuff to say about the Colorado GOP and did not expect to pick up a single delegate before the convention, why is the Trump campaign so frustrated now?