If we told you there is a community in Colorado complaining about headaches, nausea, dizziness, chickens that won’t lay eggs, dogs that run away, the death of a horse and concerns over well water contamination all happening near a major energy producing site, most people would assume we were talking about a drilling rig.

If you were one of those people, you would be wrong. windmill

Much to the chagrin of eco-crazies everywhere, the community we are referring to is located near a 145-turbine wind farm that, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette, is causing El Paso County and its residents major issues:

El Paso County residents accusing NextEra of negative effects from the wind farm say they’ve had headaches, nausea and dizziness because of the turbines, inaudible, low-frequency sound waves known as infrasound, and a phenomenon that occurs near windmills called shadow flicker.

Sheriff’s deputies with the Calhan office also said residents blame the turbines for chickens that won’t lay eggs, dogs that run away and at least the death of one horse. The deputies, including Sgt. Ray Gerhart, said people fear well water could get electrified from underground wires and that groundwater will become depleted and lead to dangerous sinkholes.

Those concerns and the fear of compromised property values led to a since-dismissed lawsuit against the county last year.

So much for wind being a guaranteed “clean” and “healthy” alternative. And let this be a lesson to all of the environmentalists and anti-frackers out there who assume that wind is so superior to oil and natural gas.

You know what they say… When you assume, you are making an ASS out of… oh you know the rest.