GOP-logoThe Colorado Republican Party has filed a lawsuit in federal court to uncover the identity and recoup financial damages from whoever sent that Never Trump tweet after the state convention.

But it looks like the Denver Post thinks it already knows the sender, judging by this headline:

Colorado GOP sues alleged sender of “We did it. #NeverTrump” tweet

Pretty sure Republicans are not suing the “alleged” sender, but the actual sender of the tweet. The headline has a sharp stab to it, which we read as “Colorado GOP sues itself.”

Which of course, is what they have been accused of by the entire planet, and why they need to find the culprit. It would take giant cahones for the party to demand Twitter turn over the sender, only for Twitter to do so and point the finger at the only two party officials who had the password. And, there’s this:

Throughout the investigation, Colorado GOP officers received anonymous death threats and the tweet damaged their reputations, the lawsuit says.

“The threats received by the CRC constituted a threat to public health or safety…,” the federal suit says.

It’s pretty slim pickings as to what actually happened — either the account was hacked, or someone with prior access accidentally or intentionally tweeted their true feelings.

The damage by this pseudo controversy has already hurt the party’s reputation, and is the reason we are now squabbling over whether to throw open future presidential primaries and allow Democrats to choose the Republican nominee.

So, whoever pulled this amateur move needs to man up and accept the consequences of a solid spanking.

Only then can Republicans begin to heal … and avoid paying legal fees for this lawsuit.