It has been fun watching the press and liberal Twitter trolls extol Marshall Zelinger as the reincarnation of Walter Cronkite over the last several days. Yeah, sure. The truth is that most people have never heard of Marshall Zelinger.

Most people besides Hillary Clinton’s campaign, that is.

So much so that when Hillary needed a chip shot of an interview on Democratic caucus night 2016, she came knocking on Marshall’s for a little of what he does best – free Dem love.

What an interview it is.

Is Marshall Zelinger a tough and fair journalist?

Watch a few minutes and answer that for yourself. Just watch Marshall fawn all over the Democratic nominee in a pre-fabricated interview given to Zellinger by the Clinton campaign in the hours before the Democratic Caucus in Colorado – a caucus that Hillary would be trounced in.

The interview is cringeworthy – especially the two 90-second free commercials Hillary got in there.

A question from Zelinger to Clinton about the FBI probe of her email that could land her under federal indictment? Nope.

What about a little probing about Libya or ISIS or Benghazi – or Monica Lewinsky’s sticky blue dress? Hm, no.

What about a little inquiry into Hillary’s secret Wall Street speeches, or even mentioning her Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders at all? Absolutely nothing.  None of it.

Free pass. Free cheese. Free love from Marshall “Cronkite” Zelinger to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Mrs. Clinton, shouldn’t potheads have bank accounts?”  Zing, guy, zing.

Zelinger has spent the whole of the last several days talking about all the doors he’s knocked on and kicked down in pursuit of journalistic truth.

Give the world a break, Marshall.

You’re the guy that Democrats call when they need a story done – and they need it done just exactly right.

The real story for anyone willing to report it (wink, wink, Hill, Hill) is that 7News‘ once-and-future unknown reporter is such a renowned patty cake for liberals that when Hillary Clinton needed a powder puff interview she came knocking on his door.