Gov. John Hickenlooper’s attempt to lay bare all his secrets in a new book is such an obvious ploy to raise his profile in hopes of getting a cabinet post or even the nod for Veep that we’d say its almost boring – if it weren’t so funny. MayorJohnWHickenlooper2

In the book, released yesterday, Hick writes about his first time smoking pot, which might have been sensational two decades ago but is now standard fare if you’re seeking national office. The revelation that he took a nude selfie while stoned, however, is either laugh out loud funny or kinda creepy…. We can’t decide. The admission that he and ex wife Helen Thorpe underwent marriage counseling before they split is humanizing, and the public has proven super accepting of politicians with troubled marriages.

And for all Hick’s previous denials that he wasn’t interested in VP, he finally admitted to Katie Couric this week that he’d serve. Color none of us surprised.

But the real “scandal” that isn’t in Hick’s book is that this is his blatant attempt to step over everyone else in his pursuit of VP or at least a cabinet position. Former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has been the behind closed doors favorite for Hillary’s ticket, and Hick’s media campaign might change the chatter but not the political reality.