IRS building, photo courtesy of Cliff1066

IRS building, photo courtesy of Cliff1066

Yesterday, we wrote about the case making its way through the court system that is pushing back against IRS probes of right-leaning groups, and pretty much only right-leaning groups. In other words, the IRS was using its power to intimidate and frustrate the formation of groups that espouse free market values and more. When we reported, we didn’t have the names of the groups that had been targeted here in Colorado. Complete Colorado uncovered them.

Here is a list of the organizations that the IRS targeted in Colorado (at Sen. Bennet’s request):

  • Citizen Awareness Project
  • Clear Information Colorado
  • Coalition for a Conservative Majority Colorado Springs
  • Coalition for a Conservative Majority Denver Chapter
  • Colorado Women’s Alliance
  • Common Sense Colorado
  • Northwest Colorado Alliance, Inc.
  • Tea Party Patriots, Denver
  • TBD Colorado
  • The TABOR Committee

Interestingly enough, the only group that the IRS and Bennet targeted that is not right-leaning is TBD Colorado, which appears to be the Governor’s group that was meant to help him put together an agenda. Or something. As it stands, the Governor’s agenda is, in fact, TBD. So, let’s be honest, that group probably was cruising for a bruising.

Coloradans should be up in arms that their sitting Senator used his position of authority to suggest that the IRS target right leaning groups – and that the IRS follow through on his request. If this doesn’t alarm you, you’re not paying attention.