DenverPostLogo1The Denver Post is laying off staff, the newspaper did not report this week.

That scoop is from Westword, which reports that not enough staffers took the buyout, so layoffs are now ensuing.

We lost editorial page editor Vince Carroll to buyouts, who was replaced by politics editor Chuck Plunkett, a significant switch. And this week we lost Morgan Dzakowic to layoffs, who we’ve never heard of, until now.

She’s the one spilling the beans to the competition, trashing her former employer, in what we presume is a brilliant move to ensure she never works in newspapers, again.

She places the blame for the buyouts and layoffs at the doorstep of Alden Global Capital, the hedge fund that controls the Post’s owner, Digital First Media.

“They’re basically milking the Denver Post for all it’s worth,” Dzakowic says. “The Post is extremely profitable, but these corporate people are gutting the paper — and there are a lot of talented people in the building.”

Dzakowic is not a senior business writer, or investigative reporter, she was the sometimes sports writer, other times digital producer.

This was her second job since she graduated college two years ago.

A word of guidance as she seeks another job in the rough and tumble corporate media world — don’t trash the boss in the media on the way out the door. It gives folks the impression you never appreciated your job, or was loyal to the company in the first place.