According to reports from Complete Colorado, billionaire George Soros is joining billionaire Tom Steyer in donating to Democrat state legislative candidates running for targeted seats that could determine the balance of power in the House and Senate.

The following candidates have received contributions from both uber-libs, with Soros maxing out at $400 per candidate and Steyer stingily giving $200 to each:

  • Rachel Zenzinger (SD-19)
  • Jenise May (SD-25)
  • Daniel Kagan (SD-26)
  • Tony Exum (HD-17)
  • Joe Salazar (HD-31)

And as Complete points out, the financial support doesn’t stop at a few hundred dollars:

“Steyer and Soros use outside groups for the vast majority of their political campaigning, and these personal contributions strongly suggest their outside money will be targeted at the state legislature…”

With billionaire Democrats becoming increasingly interested in control of the Colorado state legislature, we have to wonder if those candidates win, who gets custody – Soros or Steyer? Whose call gets returned first?  And mark our words those donors will come calling.

Whether it is Steyer demanding a quid pro quo in support of his radical environmental agenda, or Soros trying to expand rights for illegal immigrants, those five legislators will find themselves beholden to out-of-state billionaires.