Bennet Aspen ChallengeU.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is trying to explain away his absence during the roll call vote of the Democratic Convention.

That’s when Colorado superdelegates had to face angry Bernie supporters and essentially give the state’s support, which electorally went to Sanders, to Clinton instead.

“I was in Colorado, and the reason I wasn’t there is I didn’t think I should be there for four days, I thought a day-and-a-half was enough, and the rest of the time I wanted to be in the state,” said Bennet.

Fascinating. A superdelegate to the convention, and a U.S. senator, no less, does not know that his entire, single purpose for appearing at said convention is to cast his vote for the presidential nominee?

What a load of malarky.

“By the way, when we had scheduled that, the vote was supposed to be scheduled for Wednesday night, I think, which is when I got there. So, I would have been there to vote, but they ended up rescheduling for Tuesday. It wasn’t to avoid voting, if that’s the implication of your question.”

So the vote was supposed to be scheduled for Wednesday night, he thinks, but it was on Tuesday.

When the media reported the scheduled the weekend before, they knew it was on Tuesday.

States will get a chance to announce how their delegates are voting in the formal roll call Tuesday. It’s a high point for Sanders delegates; they’re pushing to have their votes fully tallied.

We absolutely think Bennet’s arrival 24 hours later was to avoid angry Bernie supporters, who cast 41 votes at the convention, compared to Hillary’s 36 and the 12 superdelegate votes that swayed the count.

Bennet was the only one who didn’t seem to know he was supposed to be there.