The Denver suburbs might not be as trendy as LoDo or the Highlands, but they absolutely have the attention of the nation’s two presidential candidates.

Both Arapahoe and Jefferson Counties made this year’s Politico list of “battleground counties to watch.”  As usual. Both counties have more unaffiliated voters than either Democrat or Republican voters, and have a combined population of more than 1 million people, representing almost 1/5 of the state’s total population.

This could be a YUGE! problem for Clinton.  While Obama won Arapahoe and Jeffco in the 2012 election, Bernie Sanders mopped the floor with Hillary in the 2016 Colorado Caucus in both places.  With Clinton pulling the plug on her Colorado ad buys, the disunity in the Democrat party, and the vast difference in presence/persona between Clinton and Obama, there is  a major opening for Trump in these battle ground Colorado counties, and for down ticket candidates to benefit as well.

While some pundits have written off Colorado as a battleground state this year, it is still very likely that our nine electoral votes will play a critical role in electing America’s next president in what is probably going to be a tight nationwide election.