popcornThe fools at Food and Water Watch are a little sensitive after they were busted for killing trees with impunity to stage a photo op for their anti-fracking ballot initiative.

The tree-huggers filled a room with boxes that allegedly total more than 100,000 signatures, but after officials from the Secretary of State’s office checked the petitions then repacked the boxes, there were 55 boxes left over.

Offered an excuse as to how it happened, Lauren Petrie of Food and Water Watch jumped on it, and claims that everyone was given a box and just used it, even if it was just to carry 100 sheets of paper.

To put this in context, environmentalists are so determined to save the planet, they would waste a box sized for 10 reams of paper, that’s 5,000 sheets, to tote 100 pieces of paper they are too weak to carry into the Secretary of State’s office, but it wasn’t to create a grandstanding photo op they could use later?


Got it.

The odds of collecting the required and validated, 98,492 signatures if only 110,000 total signatures were actually submitted aren’t good. At least one expert said that typically nets about 80,000 signatures.

And now, like children eagerly awaiting the arrival of Christmas morning and Santa Claus, PeakNation™ hungrily anticipates the deadline for the Secretary of State to tell us by Sept. 7 whether out-of-state tree haters reached their goal, or if this was all for show.