colowyoWhile Politico is focused on two Colorado battleground counties in the race between Hillary and Trump, the Daily Caller takes a look at the war elsewhere in the state.

Moffat County is ground zero for the war on coal, where extremist environmentalists tried, but have so far failed, to obliterate our energy industry.

Although the major battles have died down, the coal industry is still struggling against Obama administration regulations that appear determined to put them out of business.

Diana Orf of the Colorado Mining Association, says they are determined to fight off the efforts of groups like WildEarth Guardians, and maintains their industry will not fade away.

“Certainly modern society needs to charge their cell phones, keep their computers operating, they like to drive their cars. If it’s an electric car, it’s still powered by electricity, a large percentage of which comes from coal or natural gas, which is also a fossil fuel. If we are going to continue to live anything resembling a modern society and not devolve into a third world country as far as our lifestyle, we need fossil fuels. They will not go away anytime in the near future,” she said.

The Daily Caller feature is worth a read to see where the community is now, and a warning sign, literally, to extreme environmentalists.

Check it out.