MichaelBennetofficialphotoU.S. Sen. Michael Bennet granted a rare interview with the Denver TV media, and made an interesting claim regarding said absence:

“We haven’t seen much of you this summer, where ya been?” FOX31 Denver political reporter Joe St George asked.

“You might not have seen me because I’ve spent a lot of time on the western slope,” Bennet said.

This comes as news to Western Slopers, who tell us they’ve only seen him around a handful of times since the months following the Animas River spill that his beloved EPA caused.

If he did make a visit, it didn’t merit any press attention that we can find other than a few May stops in Grand Junction and Durango.

We checked both his Twitter feeds, and found numerous recent mentions of front range visits. However, those didn’t start appearing until recently, because the election is now only two months away.

As we told you earlier, he did make time in his busy schedule of being a Washingtonian to travel to the Aspen area to visit with one of his former staffers to talk about shutting down the oil and gas industry.

Not that we’re missing much from his lack of appearances, as he has little to say. In his interview with St. George, Bennet would not commit to a debate with Darryl Glenn, he’s noncommittal on the right-to-die ballot, he is opposed to the Colorado Care initiative, and had nothing to say about the fracking measures. He does support the minimum wage increase in Colorado because after all, it doesn’t affect him. He pays his staffers big bucks that are collected from federal taxpayers.

We would love to see Bennet’s travel schedule this year, but we aren’t holding our breath. We suspect it would show a lot of fundraisers and only confirm what we found, Bennet is MIA from Colorado except when he wants us to vote for him.