Cliff-Willmeng-cropped-241x300The only people surprised that the anti-fracking initiatives didn’t make the ballot appears to be the anti-frackers.

That comes as a surprise to us, because they were making up excuses for their failure before they even failed to provide the correct number of non-forged signatures. And when they were at a loss to come up with an excuse, their friends in the media did that for them.

Here are some of the more pitiful excuses we found:

It was the oil and gas industry’s fault because they spent too much money.

It was Jared Polis’ fault because he didn’t spend enough money.

It was Jared Polis’ fault because he backed down from the effort two years ago.

The Environmental Defense Fund didn’t give us enough money.

Hickenlooper didn’t help, either.

It was the oil and gas industry’s fault because they intimidated people.

It was Lynn Bartels’ fault because she posted a picture on Twitter of empty boxes.

That was the signature gathers’ fault for only putting 100 sheets of paper in each box.

We were sabotaged.

It wasn’t the signature gather’s fault that names were forged, homeless men did it.

The Secretary of State’s office had the wrong name of the circulator who had homeless men fill out the petition.

The reasons for throwing out invalid signatures was not valid.
We really didn’t want it on the ballot anyway, cause that would hurt Hillary and Democrats.

Numerous articles also suggested that the Secretary of State’s office is biased in favor of fracking, and that Voters were just confused about the issue.

Honestly, it’s just exhausting.

The only excuse we didn’t hear, is that they didn’t get enough signatures because support for their effort is not as widespread as they thought outside of their Boulder social circle.

Or, that Coloradans support the gas industry.