What do Democratic U.S. Sens. Micheal Bennet, Russ Feingold and Evan Bayh have in common? All three faced tough campaigns last go around because of their votes in favor of Obamacare that rammed that failure of a bill into law.

However, all three are polling strong in this election, and the reason might be short-term voter memory.

The Weekly Standard made note of the coincidence, and has some interesting advice for Republican challengers, including Darryl Glenn:

It will be interesting to see whether Johnson, Young, and Glenn will focus on making their races referendums on the centerpiece legislation of the Obama presidency. (They could also make them choices between Obamacare and the House GOP Obamacare alternative.) Running nonstop ads focused on their opponents’ Obamacare votes, and on their opponents’ praising of the 2,400-page disaster that they helped spawn at the American people’s expense, could well enable these underdogs to erase their current deficits.

With Aetna pulling out of most Obamacare exchanges across numerous states sounding the death knell of the entire government fiasco, now would certainly be a good time to remind voters that Bennet promised us we could keep our doctors, then promptly broke that promise.