trumpThe latest poll that surveyed Colorado voters has Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton by 3%. The Reuters/Ipsos poll that surveyed 417 likely voters between August 26 and September 8 affirmed a trend that many have been sensing lately, that the Clinton campaign is, um, stumbling on a number of fronts – even in Colorado. The Reuters electoral heat map even shows Colorado a shade of red today.

Just last month, the political forecasting group FiveThrityEight marked Clinton’s chances of winning Colorado around 90%, but a fast and steady erosion of support came about at the worst time for Clinton. It isn’t until Labor Day that the general voting public starts to tune into the campaign. And it was just about this time that the Clinton campaign started to hit the skids.

They pulled advertising out of Colorado. The candidate drastically scaled back public campaign events in favor of exclusive donor receptions. She also started making gaffes, such as calling Trump supporters “deplorables,” and collapsed during 9/11 Ceremony in lower Manhattan.

FiveThirtyEight’s projected Colorado vote share sits at 45.8% for Clinton and 40.6% for Trump. As Trump continues to put his foot on the gas while Clinton is grinding her breaks down to the rotors, we expect more of a convergence between the candidates, once again demonstrating Colorado’s critical swing state status.

Colorado could once again be Clinton’s Achilles’ heel.