scott tiptonThe winning zinger of Club 20 debates goes to U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton after being blasted by his opponent for his unwavering support of the energy industry.

“How did that fundraiser in California with Nancy Pelosi go?” Tipton quipped, reminding voters that Gail Schwartz would represent the oppressive tax and spend Washington agenda rather than folks on the Western Slope if she were elected.

According to the Glenwood Post, Tipton asked Schwartz to apologize to coal miners and their families who have lost their jobs because of government regulations, but apparently she demurred.

Then, she brazenly claimed to support the natural gas industry, which by the way, involves the “F” word most hated by her leftists supporters — fracking.

Schwartz claimed to support the export of natural gas to other countries, but in the spirit of trying to have her cake and eat it to, she opposes energy leases in the Thompson Divide. She also opposing exchanging those leases for exploration in another area.

In other words, Gail says no to fracking for natural gas in Colorado, and yes to the Nancy Pelosi agenda of keeping energy in the ground and out of our homes and cars.