gooDickheads.  That’s how Michael Goo, a senior bureaucrat at the Environmental Protection Agency described his colleagues in the president’s Office of Management and Budget, the lead policy making department at the White House.  Why the bad blood?  Apparently rule makers at OMB would not give Goo the time he needed to craft anti-fracking regulations suitable to his friends at the Sierra Club.

Goo expressed his anger to the Sierra Club’s head of climate change policy, John Coequit, in a text message uncovered by a Freedom of Information Act request from the Energy & Environmental Legal Institute.  The two men have a long history collaborating on anti-growth environmental policies for the Obama Administration, and administration with a revolving door between the government and special interest groups.

The conflicts within the administration are so great that a recent report disclosed that “environmentalist pressure groups with extreme agendas have unprecedented access to and influence over their former colleagues who are now EPA officials.”

Coincidentally (or maybe not), Goo’s profane message was sent on the day that the EPA was granted the extension that Goo and his friends wanted.  This was a result of a lawsuit brought by Denver-based Wildearth Guardians.

So much for Obama’s most transparent administration ever – one that would shut down the revolving door between lobbyist groups and hi administration.  Kind of like that claim from long ago “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” or that Obamacare will “reduce healthcare costs.”  The Obama administration cannot be gone soon enough.