democrat-republicanBennet’s campaign won’t explain why the Democrat has gone underground, though we suspect it’s because he did such a lackluster job at the Club 20 debate. Bennet’s internal polling must also be reflecting Hillary’s, and show that he’s losing ground to Glenn after defending Obamacare, the EPA, and nuclear deal with Iran.

While declining to comment on why they are ducking the debate, Bennet Spokesflak Andrew Zucker instead attacked Glenn for refusing to speak with Denver Post reporters after that hit job the paper pulled, slamming Glenn for not remembering the details of his father’s abusive behavior, to the paper’s satisfaction.

We don’t believe for a minute that Bennet is ducking the debate to take a stand for his buddies at the Post, and neither does anyone else.

CBS4 analyst Dick Wadhams said, “I think it reflects a weak incumbent who isn’t confident in his abilities to take on a republican opponent.”

Wadhams says Bennet owes it to Coloradans to do the debate, “I’m sure he’s confident that with the millions of dollars he has in the bank and with the way the polls look right now that he doesn’t need to do this debate. But what does that say about Senator Bennet and his commitment to talking about the issues to all Coloradans? I think says a lot.”

Just two weeks ago, the spokesman for the Colorado Democratic Party took Glenn to task for pulling out of the Denver Post debate saying, “He is depriving Coloradans an important opportunity to hear from the two candidates.”

GOP Chairman Steve House issued a statement blaming Bennet’s Grand Junction performance, and said this is a calculated move to limit Bennet’s exposure to voters.

Come to think of it, limiting his exposure to voters has pretty much how Bennet has run his Senate office the last six years.