obamacareThe chickens have come home to roost in Aspen, were liberals are scratching their collective heads and wondering why the Hell they can’t afford health insurance anymore under Obamacare.

With only one insurance provider remaining for individuals, Aspenites face a 35 percent increase next year and their only option is to join an HMO.

Oh, the horror.

A healthy ski bum in his mid 20s can expect to pay more than $500 a month, or he can fork over a $700 penalty for not having insurance. Older folks will probably pay double that.

Obama’s grand health care experiment, and those who cast the crucial votes to pass it — we’re looking at you, Sen. Michael Bennet — was supposed to get more folks on the insurance rolls. Instead, it’s a spectacular failure.

Aspen insurance broker Michael Sailor says they need answers:

“[U.S. Rep. Nancy] Pelosi said pass it and we’ll figure it out,” Sailor said, referring to a comment the former House speaker made as the legislation was working its way through Congress. “Now is the time for the country to take a deep breath and figure out what happened.”

He’s certainly targeted the right political party for an explanation, but we suggest Aspen look to this guy for an explanation as to why they will be stuck in an unaffordable HMO.