I Am Created Equal Action is out with a sobering ad about the real life impact that Obamacare has Colorado’s citizens – Michael Bennet’s steadfast support of the disastrous program.

In Do Nothing Bennet – Couey Family Story, a Colorado mother and father outline the disaster that ensued after Obamacare cost them their insurance plan – it was cancelled.  Now, they are paying more than $50,000 per year on health insurance to care for their autistic son.  Before Obamacare, they had a plan to be able to support their son, but the money they earn ranching cannot be relied upon to pay for medical costs in the Obamacare era.

While Michael Bennet has access to the gold plated health care that the federal government provides its employees, he flagrantly pushes Obama’s socialized medicine agenda on everyone else, and middle America is left to pick up the pieces.

If Sen. Bennet isn’t fighting for the Coueys, who is he fighting for?